A Brief Introduction To The Important Coding Languages

If you are thinking about learning to code, you need to know what the most important languages are. This will help you focus your learning efforts and ensure that you are left with skills that can be utilized in the market. There are many coding languages to choose from, but only the important ones will guarantee work.


The coding language Java has been popular since it was created in the 1990’s. Many of the biggest companies will use Java to build their backend systems and desktop apps. This is due to the fact that it is scalable and portable.

Java can run on almost any system due to the Java Virtual Machine. It is a favorite Android language, and many Android apps are built with Java. Java is also a statically-typed language which means that it is easier and faster to maintain with fewer bugs. The language also offers backward compatibility which means that the old version of the coding will run after new versions are released.

The C Programming Language

C is one of the oldest coding languages, but it is still vastly famous and essential. This is due in part to the almost universal portability and the fact that the biggest brands in tech adopted it. C is also a favorite coding language for embedded car systems and other electronics.

If you are learning to code, it is recommended that you learn C. There are many algorithms which are created using this language and it is often considered to be the universal language for programmers. There are also some spin-offs from this language such as C++ and C# which are imperative languages on their own.


Over the last 15 years since the creation of the Python coding language, its popularity has been increasing. This is because Python is a significant language and many modern technologies are looking at it. These technologies include robotics, machine learning, and big data.

Python is also a relatively simple coding language to learn. This is one of the reasons why it is popular with a lot of new coders. The language is also taught in universities and often experienced developers will look at learning it as a second or third language option.


JavaScript has become one of the imperative coding languages thanks to web browsers. While there are many complaints about JavaScript, it is still able to hold against some of the newer languages. It also continues to play a significant role online.

JavaScript is the coding language that enables developers to place interactive effects on a website. It will generally work with HTML, but there are many web apps which are built only using JavaScript. The speed and simplicity of the language are some of the reasons why many startups and tech companies use the language for their backend via the Node.js framework.

There are many different coding languages out there that you could learn. The most important are Java, C, Python, and JavaScript and PHP language.